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The Bread and Butter Collection, East London

From humble beginnings on Depop to becoming a cornerstone of Shoreditch’s creative scene, The Bread and Butter Collection exemplifies the transformative power of passion and innovation. As they continue to grow and inspire, their journey serves as a testament to the vibrant potential of creative entrepreneurship in the heart of London.

Bread and Butter Collective
In the midst of the global pandemic, when the world seemed to halt, two enterprising individuals, Ben Whittle and Sam Willis found an unexpected avenue for creativity and expression. What started as a casual endeavour from their bedrooms, selling cool clothes on Depop, has blossomed into a thriving vintage lifestyle brand known as The Bread and Butter Collection. Based in the eclectic neighbourhoods of Shoreditch and Hackney Wick, the brand now functions as a multi-faceted creative hub, reflecting the vibrant and innovative spirit of its founders.

The Evolution of Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter’s journey from a Depop store to a prominent vintage brand is nothing short of remarkable. The transition began with a modest stall at Portobello Market, capturing the essence of vintage fashion and catering to a growing community of enthusiasts. Today, the brand is headquartered in a three-floor building on Rivington Street, Shoreditch, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond mere retail.

Curated Vintage Selections

The ground floor of Bread and Butter’s Shoreditch location is a haven for vintage clothing aficionados. Here, the focus is on quality over quantity, with a carefully curated selection of one-off pieces. From streetwear and sportswear to designer labels and workwear, each item tells its own unique story, resonating with the brand’s commitment to sustainable fashion.

Creative Collaborations and Community

The first floor embodies the brand’s ethos of fostering creativity and community. By day, it operates as a cozy coffee shop and creative workspace, where every piece of furniture and décor is sourced second-hand, reworked, or repurposed in-house. By night, the space transforms into a vibrant events venue where Bread and Butter offer local creatives a platform to showcase their talents through supper clubs, acoustic nights, recorded DJ sets, brand activations, workshops, galleries, and community networking events.

Bread and Butter Collective Events East London

Bread and Butter Lounge

On the second floor, the Bread and Butter Lounge continues the blend of coffee shop ambiance and event space utility. This versatile area hosts an array of activities, including fashion events, workshops, gallery openings, and musical performances. It’s a place where creativity thrives and community bonds are strengthened.

Matter Of Time

The latest addition to the Bread and Butter empire is the top floor, which opened just a month ago. This space, named Matter Of Time Studios, serves as a recording studio and industry community hub. It offers free Q&As, workshops, producer meets, and DJ lessons, fostering a supportive environment for emerging and established artists alike.


Bread and Butter Hackney East London

Expanding Horizons

Beyond Shoreditch, Bread and Butter has extended its reach to Hackney Wick with Bread and Butter Studios. Initially the hub for the brand’s e-commerce operations, this location has evolved into a professional photo studio. It’s a sought-after space for designers and brands, reinforcing Bread and Butter’s role in the broader creative industry.
Bread and Butter’s dynamic approach to blending fashion, community and creativity is evident in its recent events. A football-inspired fashion show, held at halftime during an England game, saw five designers create outfits from in-store pieces. The runway, leading out of the shop and into the street, symbolised the brand’s connection with the community and its knack for innovative presentations.


Bread and Butter Magazine East London
Moreover, Bread and Butter’s ventures into publishing have been marked by the successful launch of their magazine, showcasing content from various campaigns and events. The upcoming summer edition promises to be another milestone, celebrating the brand’s continuous evolution.
The Bread and Butter Collection
72 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY


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