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Zzetta, Soul-fired Pizza, Canning Town

By Lara Mills

Placed at the heart of Canning Town, Zzetta is injecting some soul back into the regenerating landscape of Rathbone Market, one pizza at a time. With a constantly evolving menu area and it’s feet firmly set in the community, what could be better than Zzetta…

We’re greeted by sweet smell of sourdough and the warmth of CEO, Rob Dewan Syed, who leads us into his humble eatery. As one of the latest additions to Canning Town, Rob informs us of Zzetta’s duty to preserve the area’s local identity and monumental history during such a profound generation. As Rob says, “particular interests in Rathbone Market are reflected by several elements of our business, such as the interior design, our sourcing of delicious local products, as well as plans to play key role engaging with Newham area community.”

Noticing the overhanging pizza boards adorning the ceiling, with anecdotes of Canning Town’s oldest residents, we begin to understand – Zzetta is as much about preserving the local history as it is about it food – apparently Charlie Chaplin was part of a Canning Town anti-war march and Pigeon Racing was actually a thing!

And the food does not disappoint – we start with Bruschetta, served with a decadent Smoked Ricotta cheese ball and tomatoes and a refreshing Feta and Lentil salad with Beetroot dressing, which, believe me is no sad salad story. We begin the inevitable ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over which delicious soul fired pizza we should order, along with the option to convert any pizza into a calzone for no extra price. We finally opt for the rustic ‘Rathbone Pepperoni’: double pepperoni, bufala mozzarella, grilled aubergine, parmesan and basil and the sensationally salty ‘Napoli’: mozzarella, anchovies, caper berries and black olives – both didn’t last very long on the plate. With a plethora of pizza options including ‘Three Mushrooms’, ‘Asparagus with Mushrooms’, ‘Bufalina’ and ‘Eggs Florentine’ alongside the ability to opt for vegan cheese and gluten free bases, Zzetta’s menu is as delicious as it is accommodating and deserves to be enjoyed by all.

110 Barking Rd, Rathbone Market, London E16 1EN



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