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Walthamstow Artist Nick Gentry and Seo Young-Deok

In most houses, on a special shelf or stacked painstakingly into a cardboard box, is an alphabetised collection of CDs. No one has listened to them for at least nine years, but your Dad emits an inhuman, possessive growl whenever their necessity is questioned. God forbid anyone should suggest throwing them out. Walthamstow artist Nick Gentry has found a solution to these holy, obsolete relics for Human Connection, his joint exhibition with acclaimed South Korean artist Seo Young-Deok.

Both a shared affinity for creating figurative works from found objects. Nick’s art utilises obsolete technology containing peoples memories, such as VHS cassettes and floppy disks, while Seo’s giant, hyper-realistic sculptures of the human form are constructed from bicycle chains.

The exhibition will showcase Nick’s portraits of women, painted onto fragmented CDs and floppy disks – through placing outdated technology in the spotlight, he exemplifies how quickly technology today is progressing.

Seo’s work captures the anxieties of the younger generation in a series of maimed torsos, fashioned out of bicycle chains that reflect the pain experienced by his family’s generation working in Korea’s industrialisation era.

When? 14th-28th September
Where? Opera Gallery, 134 New Bond Street, London W1S 2TF

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