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Best Ever Cocktail Recipes

Take Your Drinks Party to the Next Level with these 5 Delicious Cocktails

Black Cow Vodka Grapefruit + Black Peppercorn No-Sugar Drink

Light, refreshing and guilt-free summer drinking

25ml Black Cow
soda water
twist of grapefruit
black peppercorns steeped in a little Black Cow

Muddle 3-4 steeped peppercorns in the bottom of a rocks glass with a little of the steeping vodka. Fill the glass with ice. Add Black Cow and top up with soda water. twist the zest over the drink to release the oils and then run around the rim before adding as garnish.
Black Cow Vodka £28 for 70cl from Sainsbury’s



Shaken not stirred

50ml Pinkster Gin
10ml Elderflower Cordial

Fill shaker with ice, throw in several raspberries and then add five parts Pinkster to one part cordial, shake and pour. Garnish with a raspberry and sprig of spanked mint.
Pinkster Gin £32.45 for 70cl from 31Dover



Jawbox & Ginger Ale

Zingy ginger and Jawbox Gin for easy summer sipping

35ml Jawbox Gin
Premium ginger ale
Lime wheel to garnish

Pour the Jawbox Gin into an ice filled glass.  Top up with some refreshing ginger ale.  Garnish with a lime wheel.
Jawbox Gin £30 for 70cl from M&S


The Northern Great with Glen Moray Whisky

Sweet, sparkling and smells like sunshine

Fresh mint
Lime juice (1-2 limes)
50ml Glen Moray Classic
2 barspoons maple syrup
A few raspberries
Sparkling water
Lime peel

In a tall glass add a few sprigs of mint and some ice cubes.  Add to a cocktail shaker the juice of half a lime, 50ml of Glen Moray Elgin Classic Whisky, 2 bar spoons of maple syrup, a few raspberries and ice.  Shake and strain into the tall glass. Top with sparkling water, stir and garnish with lime peel and one raspberry.
Glen Moray Whisky £18 for 70cl from Tesco


Italian Gimlet with Malfy Gin

Elegant and classy with just two ingredients

Shake 4 parts Malfy Originale over ice with 1 part fresh sweetened lime juice.  Serve in a martini glass with a twist of lime.
Malfy Gin £26.68 for 70cl from Master of Malt

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