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Re:Store – Plastic-Free Larder, Hackney

By Leonie Helm

‘Everyday approximately 8 million pieces of plastic find their way in to our oceans’ – is just one of the terrifying statistics, Re:Store owner Megan is trying to combat with her new store.

The old print works between Hackney and Dalston that is now known as Hackney Down Studios, part of creative space organisers Eat, Work, Art, is the perfect location for this innovative shop although, Megan didn’t have her heart set on the area. A regular face selling her wares at the Netil Market also part of Eat, Work, Art, Megan heard about a space becoming available at Hackney Downs Studios, and ‘It’s the perfect fit’.

Selling everything from loose popcorn kernels, to vegan sweets, to kombucha on tap, this beautiful and incredibly affordable plastic free shop will surely make a dent in this plastic environment. Other goodies to be found in-store include beautiful stainless-steel lunch-ware from Elephant Box, delightfully perfumed Rosemary and Bergamot organic deodorant from Fit Pit, natural toothpaste in delightful glass packaging from Georganics and travel cups made from recycled cardboard cups, among many more intriguing products.

Specialist shops usually come with eyewatering price tags, something that Megan is acutely aware of; ‘I made a conscious decision to price my products as close to supermarket prices as possible’. Get your organic long grain rice or cannellini beans for 31p per 100g as well as a large selection of other organic pulses, displayed on the wall in fashionable dispensers. Don’t forget to bring your own containers!

Movements like zero-waste and veganism can be intimidating things to get involved with, a bit of a minefield, not in Megan’s shop. ‘I wanted to create a welcoming environment for people to ask questions, open up the conversation’, says Megan. ‘There’s no judgement here, it’s about making little changes and if someone decides to just buy their rice here that’s a really positive change’. The message here is clear, you don’t have to be completely zero-waste, you can find little adaptations that work for you, like switching to amber + bumble beeswax food wrap which comes in a range of lovely patterns and designs.

With an impressive debut stock, Megan is fully open to any suggestions for future products. There’s even a blackboard near the door for customers to write their favourite plastic free products on. ‘I don’t want people to come here and not be able to find their favourite things.’ Beautifully laid out, an ever-evolving stock list, a great project and a delightful person, Megan has hit the nail on the head with Re:Store.

Go and explore at: Hackney Downs Studios, 17 Amhurst Terrace, E8 2BT and follow on Instagram for new stock drops.



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