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Future Hackney

A storytelling collective empowering a new generation of young creatives...

Introducing Future Hackney – a visual storytelling collective empowering a new generation of young creatives to tell the stories that matter, taken place right on their doorstep.

Future Hackney

In a time of ever-change and growth in our corner of the city, it’s easy to forget that not everyone benefits equally (if at all). This film and photographic initiative, set up by six artists through the Lottery Fund’s Reaching Communities scheme, offers valuable training and opportunity to young people living in Hackney. Their aim – to capture the experiences of local residents in Hackney, through the lens of the major social changes happening in their communities. From short films and music videos, to photographic portrait series, their various projects document the people and places at the frontline of gentrification. Exploring the impact of issues such as social and ethnic cleansing, as well as predatory investment and lack of opportunities, it’s a reminder of the importance of equipping the next generation to tell the story of their communities, their way.



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