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East London Cares

East London Cares is a community network of older and younger East Londoners hanging out and helping one another, sharing time, laughter and friendship. They're developing new ways to bring the generations together from afar during the period of social isolation – and they need your help.


For older people in particular, trends including globalisation, digitisation and gentrification meaning that many older neighbours have deep roots in their communities, but no connections. Those older people live side-by-side with younger neighbours, often new to the area who have hundreds of connections in the digital age – but often no roots in the community. Through its regular social clubs, Love Your Neighbour programme and Proactive Outreach, East London Cares seeks to address isolation amongst older and younger people alike. Now the charity is developing rapid-response activities to help older people stay connected during the Covid-19 outbreak. They’re matched crowdfunding appeal to enable the charity to support older people in Tower Hamlets and Hackney has been affected by social isolation during the crisis. As well as helping older people to connect to the local community, East London Cares will offer information services and emotional and practical support.

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