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East London’s Female Entrepreneurs Countdown #Tell Your Story

We meet Britny Virginia Albert, a multi-talented creative force using her words and art form as an opportunity to empower, inspire and bring joy to all

She’s a writer, poet, theatre and film director, creative workshop facilitator. From hopelessness to creative fulfilment in adulthood, Britny Virginia Albert is making waves as one of the Associate Artists at Graeae Theatre Company on Kingsland Road – the leading disabled theatre company for deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists. #TellYourStory @graeaetheatrecompany


  1. Absolutely amazing stuff BV. You are doing so well with going after your dream. This industry is tough but you have proven you are tougher and got what it takes. So proud of you. Your number one fan!

  2. Shyness sometimes deter you from pushing ahead, but determination is the great key in breaking that wall that you definitely have conquered. Continue to walk that path of encouragement and perseverance, and always stay true to yourself no matter what. Congratulations Bri. So proud of you. ???

  3. I’m so proud of you my beautiful, you are an amazing strong young woman from the first day I meet you I have been inspired by you, and I’m sure you’ve inspired many, you never gave up on anything you set your mind to do and I pray ? you continue to shine and keep pushing,
    Love Mrs Donna Bartlett.

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