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Pasta Nostra, Old Street

If you’re busy working in the Old street area, chances are you are heading out to grab the usual meal deal for lunch. Also chances are that your are pretty bored with it. I went to Pasta Nostra, a small Italian restaurant near the roundabout to try their signature tortello carbonara with home made focaccia brad, which came warm and drizzled with olive oil. I don’t have to tell you that it was absolutely delish. For those healthy yogis amongst you who are worried by the look of the creamy sauce, my meal was surprisingly light, and those fluffy tortellos are filled with yummy pecorino. The interior is chic yet industrial and provides handy charging stations for every seat. Their staff are super friendly and this unpretentious vibe is exactly what you would want to unwind during lunch.

Chef Luca is from Rome, and together with two friends they decided to create an authentic and affordable Italian food for everyone. Various fresh pasta is being handmade all day and you can even buy a “grab and go” from the fridge to recreate your meal at home. The seasonal menu lets you choose between regional specialities from Rome, Sicily and South Italy. If you’re in a hurry and simply need a quick coffee break, the Espresso bar has got your back in true Italian fashion. Instead of cramming in life admin duties or (even worse) work into this precious mid day hour, maybe treat yourself a real break next time. And make it a Monday, because why not. AM

Pasta Nostra
122 Old Street, London EC1V 9BD



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