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Best Vietnemese Restaurant – Spitalfields

One of East London's best Vietnamese restaurants serving up authentic Pho dishes - head to Delicious Pho, Spitalfields

Delicious Pho, Spitalfields

Delicious Pho Noodles

Happy pop hits play at this recently opened, Insta-snappable Spitalfields restaurant, which has quickly developed a devoted following, thanks in large part to its menu full of authentic Vietnamese pho dishes and its very own bubble tea bar.

Its homemade savoury broth develops its flavour over 12 hours, supercharging the pho. You can choose from 18 varieties of pho – take your pick from different cuts of beef or chicken, prawn, veggie or tofu. Springy noodles or rice and protein are then added with an abundance of beautifully fresh and fragrant herbs, beansprouts, lime and chilli. We’d highly recommend the Pho Tom Yum with its delicious citrusy Tom Yum broth, laden with tiger prawns.

The starters and snacks section offers zingy papaya or mango salads, chicken wings and summer rolls packed full of fresh herbs and vegetables. Non pho mains include hearty rice and noodle dishes, as well as a Dry Pho which uses the classic pho noodles tossed in a tangy tamarind sauce, egg and beansprouts, topped with peanuts and fresh herbs.

For dessert, take your pick from 14 different flavoured Chè Desserts – a traditional pudding found in Vietnam made up of a delicious mix of tapioca, jelly, fruit and coconut milk. Extra goodies include the wide variety of fresh smoothies and an endless selection of bubble teas you can fill with bursting boba, jellies or red rubies ’til your heart’s content.

3-6 Steward Street, London, E1 6FQ

Delicious Pho bubble tea


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