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Death by Pizza, London Fields

After occupying a rainy Friday evening with a few well-earned tipples at a local East End boozer, what could be more appealing than a freshly baked pizza. And so we made our way towards Netil Lane, where we were greeted by the warming waft of stone-baked dough (surely a worthy candle scent).

Death by Pizza, the ‘evil sister’ of Camden’s Young Vegan pie shop, turned out to be the owners of said warming wafts. This 100% vegan pizzeria resides in a ‘pizza hut’ in Hackney’s Netil Market and offers a devilish selection of plant-based, hand-stretched pizzas. We ogle their menu and eventually go for Blood Drive – marinara sauce, kalamata olives, samphire, capers, basil. Plus the Filthy Weekend, a naughty take on the contentious Hawaii, with ‘mock meat’ ham and pineapple, vegan mozzarella, marinara sauce, and spring onions.

They have gone to extreme lengths to ensure all their vegan-alts are as good as – no, better – than their animal-derived originals. Mozzarella is made from coconut and soy, ricotta crafted from tofu and ham from homemade smoky seitan (wheat). Each ingredient is, in fact, totally moreish in its own right, and comes with that added sense of satisfaction that they’re also planet-friendly too.

The pizzas themselves are all sloppy toppings and crispy, chewy crusts – a happy marriage of textures and tastes. Not only that, but each piece of packaging used by Death By Pizza is recyclable and no electric power is used during the cooking process. Everything comes to life in a wood-fired oven (which uses FSC wood from a sustainable European forest). It’s official: these young vegans are killing the pizza game without killing the planet – winner winner vegan dinner.

Death by Pizza
Netil Market, 13-23 Westgate Street, E8 3RL

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