Canary Wharf food + drink

Chai Ki, Canary Wharf

A gem located just beyond Canary Wharf overlooking the water


Chai Ki is a stylish explosion of modern and experimental Indian food. The interior is edgy yet sophisticated with an industrial aesthetic made inviting with the use of low-level lighting. Its good, honest, earthy food is styled to perfection and accompanied by impeccable staff and elegant cocktails. Indeed, a key factor to any dining experience is the cocktail menu and the Toddy Shop Bar does not disappoint, offering an array of distinctive, refreshing drinks, each better than the one before and greatly complementing the food. Try the Nimbellini; lemoncello, basil and prosecco. Share a plate of the chicken tikka naan and the most delicious Koliwada calamari, an infusion of sweet and spice. Then combine a main dakshini korma with masala fries or a bun farcha, a green chutney-marinated chicken (and lots of it!) in a brioche bun. Finish with the cheesecake, tangy with orange yet incredibly creamy – this cheesecake would make Rachel and Chandler weep. 

Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AR



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