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Grand Union Orchestra, Bengal to Bethnal Green

Director, Co founder and composer, Tony Haynes

Celebrating cultural diversity through music is the Grand Union Orchestra’s message and it has been for over 35 years now. Tony Haynes, director, co-founder and composer created an exceptional orchestra that embraces all musical influences and instruments from around the globe. He invited the public to a free concert Bengal to Bethnal Green at the Rich Mix centre, Bethnal Green, reflecting the wide variety of music in London’s East End today. Virtuosos from Bangladesh mesmerised the audience with instruments such as the Sarod, while being accompanied by the multi cultural Grand Union Orchestra. Anecdotes from rehearsal between pieces contributed to this laid back event where everyone was welcome to celebrate a multicultural London. A.M.

To check out upcoming shows by the GUO as well as their Summer School, go to grandunion.org.uk

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