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Zero Waste London, Bethnal Green needs your help!

We’ve all been more conscious about doing what we can to help the planet – especially when it comes to sustainability and reducing plastic. But what if you could be a part of something unique – and local – to make even more of a contribution?

When Jess Hall discovered that her local borough of Tower Hamlets only recycles 26.4% of its household waste, she set out to improve East London’s eco credentials – and is on a mission to introduce a zero-waste, plastic-free shop to Bethnal Green in January 2020. A wide range of food items (including those from nearby suppliers), household and personal beauty products with be on offer, with all items free from packaging – and shoppers encouraged to bring along their own jars and containers to fill when they visit.

But, despite incredible support from the local community already, Jess still needs your help. She has a start-up target of £15,000 to raise within the next 6 weeks – to cover the cost of tills, scales, stock, storage, and even a nut grinder for homemade butters.

Head over to to donate to the project and earn in-store rewards.
Go to: to find out more about Jess and the upcoming store launch.

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