East London Eco-chic Fashion

East London based eco-chic clothing brand Arkitaip combines timeless design and skilled craftsmanship with a strong environmental and ethical compass. We talk to Lea, one half of the dynamic mother-daughter duo, behind it.

Tell us about your brand
We are a family-run company located on London Fields that make ethically-and-environmentally-responsible linen garments. Our pieces are timeless, made to last, and thoughtfully put together by hand. The hope is that they’ll one day be passed from generation to generation.

Where did the idea for Arkitaip come from?
My Mami (Austrian for mum) has always had a passion for creating things with her bare hands, from making her own bread to knitting the most amazing jumpers. It wasn’t until I found an image of my mum in her twenties wearing this beautiful crochet bikini that I tuned into her talent. I asked her to make me one and the result left me speechless. From then on I was convinced that her extraordinary talent needed to be shared.

What’s the significance of the name?
Our name Arkitaip is the phonetic spelling of  “archetype” and reflects what we stand for. In the same way an archetype is something which other things are copied from, we aim to inspire those wearing arkitaip to live a conscious life what will motivate others around them. As a business, we hope to set an example of how you can responsibly create high-quality pieces, which are as equally beautiful as they are ecologically-friendly.

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