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Tower Green Hamlets

To mark the move into 2019, we’ve resolved to exercise more, get up earlier, drink less, eat more veg, the list goes on. Unfortunately, we’re not sure we can rely on the sheer strength of willpower alone, so we were thrilled to find out about the amazing work of Tower Green Hamlets. Determined to ensure that fresh fruit and veg aren’t only accessible to the affluent, Tower Green Hamlets provide affordable veg boxes to East London residents. Either collect your order from a local pick-up point, or have it delivered fresh to your door – because Tower Green Hamlets aim to work with local farmers to provide seasonal produce, the veg in your box might have been in the ground only the day before!

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  1. And if you’re in Hackney, Growing Communities offer a similar affordable community-led organic veg scheme that sources produce from local farmers. Collect from 15 convenient collection points across the borough. Coming to Hoxton very soon!

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