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Table Tennis & Lobster Tacos

Bounce Farringdon

Bounce Farringdon has gained quite a reputation in London as the home of ping pong (or ‘whiff-whaff’ if, and only if, you’re Boris Johnson). After a brief interlude, they’ve recently reopened their doors to show off their new facelift. Forget casual games of ping pong on a battered table with a dented ball in the sixth form common room, Bounce has transformed ping pong into an immersive adventure. With a new DJ booth and dance floor, as well as a hangout area for before the game, Bounce offers a whole night’s worth of entertainment.

If all the table tennis makes you hungry, you can delve into their new street food-style menu with Chubby Chips, lobster tacos and mojito cake pops to fill up on, as well as ‘Collagin’ an anti-ageing gin and tonic containing actual collagen. We’re not sure what it has to do with ping pong, but we’ll try anything once…

Bounce Ping Pong
121 Holborn, Farringdon EC1N 2TD

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