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Speed Dating in East London

Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life Presents: The Music Sounds Better with You 

Remember what human contact feels like? We’ve got so used to swiping our thumbs across a screen that the idea of meeting a real life human in the flesh feels almost alarming. While speed dating may seem unbelievably retro, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen are taking things back to basics with a monthly speed dating night for music aficionados. That’s right, you actually have to talk to people.

Simply bring along your headphones and your ultimate desert island playlist and share the music you love with a person you may well love too one day. After four minutes, you’ll be introduced to someone new. If you meet a kindred spirit who’s also into extreme Hungarian death metal (or whatever floats your boat) you can note them down on a confidential matching sheet. The hosts will then collect the sheets and inform attendees of their mutual matches within 48 hours. Just like Tinder, but with genuine social interaction and lower chances of unsolicited nudes (we hope).

Date: Tuesday 11th Sept 
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
2-4 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU


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