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Sex and The City 20th Anniversary Conference at The Book Club, Shoredtich

Plenty of Sex…and The City

8th September 2018

While perusing through exciting East London-based events, I couldn’t help but wonder why there weren’t more Sex and The City themed events. Thankfully for Carrie Bradshaw fans, Superculture have got us covered with a Sex and The City conference to celebrate the iconic show’s 20th anniversary. This full-day event will explore the show’s social and political impact, as well as its cultural legacy. Expect wide-ranging presentations in the morning from academics and journalists, followed by afternoon panel discussions looking at the show’s feminist legacy, politics, and the city’s psychogeography. Oh, and sex. Plenty of sex. After your brains have had a good workout, The Pilot Club will air the very first episode of SATC. Hardcore fans can then prove themselves in a super tricky, cocktail-accompanied quiz with some fab prizes. Expect cultural discussions, critical analysis, and cosmopolitan-drinking.

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