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Gizz and Green Pizza Pies Pop Up at Passo

Don't miss Chef Gizzi Erskine and London rapper Professor Green's summer residence, Passo London, where Gizz and Green are serving up delicious pizza and more until the end of September.

Sometimes you just want something that is easy to eat out and enjoy the familiar, but with little twist. That’s the vibe at Gizz and Green at their summer residence at Passo London. If like me you were hooked on their Lockdown Fakeaways here it is in living colour.

Gizzie Erskine and Professor Green at summer residence, Passo London

It’s bodacious and it’s bold but it works – think a souped-up lux edition, a throw back –  a nostalgic trip to an 80s style high street pizza chain and you’ll be almost on the right page.

We started with the mushrooms which were ridiculously tasty and earthy. Then, the garlic bombs – recommended to us, and let me tell you, I could go back just for these alone. As someone who is not usually a garlic bread fan (shock horror) these little bundles of flavour may have swayed my taste buds! Garlicky balls exploding with flavour with an innocent, fluffy almost doughnut like texture.

Finger licking sticky wings came next! Fiery with just the right amount of sour – rich and robust at the same time. This is food for the soul and it’s addictive, be warned – especially delicious when paired with a fine glass of chianti.

We opted for the vegetarian stuffed pizza crust. Here we had arrived, a pizza pie, sophisticated not soggy, generously topped and generously stuffed. Alongside the salad bar on a plate – crisp and and crunchy, nostalgia had reached new levels. This was a fast and furious feast of savoury flavour. 

Our end note, was of course the banana split, with a twist – a miso topping drizzled on top of the ice-cream. It was utterly unctuous.

Catch Giz and Green at Passo while you can – their residence finishes at the end of September.  We hope this partnership finds a permanent home and can’t wait to go back for more!

Open Tuesday to Saturday – 12.00 noon to 9.30pm


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