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Pancake Day in East London

Every year, whipping up a batch of pancakes seems like an excellent idea, yet every year it ends in tears, smoke, lumpy batter, and the remnants of a crepe falling from the ceiling sometime in August. This year, we’re saving ourselves the hassle and scouting out the best pancakes in East London. Trust us, they’re flipping good.

Period Pancakes at The Book Club

The Book Club in Shoreditch have established a bloody amazing pancake offering, serving red velvet ‘period pancakes’ with tampon macaroons from Ohlala bakery. The initiative, which supports period poverty charity Bloody Big Brunch, will see 15% of the profit from each dish sold donated to the charity. When almost 30% of women and girls in this country have found themselves unable to afford menstrual products, funds from charities such as Bloody Big Brunch are, sadly, vitally important. The pancakes launch on 3rd of March, the day that Bloody Big Brunch are encouraging people across the nation to partake in the biggest brunch in the UK. The Breakfast Club will be marking the occasion with drag acts and DJ sets, and selling Bloody Marys in exchange for period products. This can be done easily through Hey Girls, who will double donations and distribute products to charities around the UK.
When? Period Pancakes available from 3-10 March 2019
Where? 100-106 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH

All you can eat at Polo Bar

When it comes to pancakes, we have a ‘go hard or go home’ attitude. That is to say, we intend to eat them until our belts burst and we struggle to walk. Polo Bar, famed for its Great British grub and all-you-can-eat contests, seems the natural place to satisfy this urge. Not just limited to Shrove Tuesday, their epic pancake challenge is stretched out over a week. To partake, simply join the queue (it’s bound to be popular) and see if you can devour a stack of 12 pancakes with bananas, fresh berries, vanilla ice cream and a dash of strawberry sauce (that’s a portion of fruit, right?) in under 15 minutes. If you succeed, the pancake stack is free and a bottle of Prosecco is also yours. Otherwise, the stack is £25.
When? 4-10 March 2019
Where? Polo Bar, 176 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4NQ

The Breakfast Club, Here East Canalside

For many a bleary-eyed Londoner, The Breakfast Club is the first port-of-call at the weekend. Their pancakes are unmissable all year round, but they’ve gone the extra mile for Pancake Day with five special creations. First up, the three savoury options: The Big Stack combines pancakes with patties in a homage to the legendary burger; The Ringer Stinger Tower (ouch) is a spicy stack of pancakes with a Kentucky Fried influence and The Jack Duckfruit is a vegan-friendly creation inspired by crispy duck pancakes, but made with cleverly-disguised jackfruit. On the sweeter side, try The PB&J, slathered in peanut butter, jam, fresh banana, chocolate syrup and a crunchy, nutty topping. If you’re feeling fruity, opt for The Apple Pie, a deep-fried apple pancake pie drenched in custard. We don’t know where to begin!
When? 5-8 March 2019
Where? The Breakfast Club, Queen Elizabeth Park, E Bay Lane, London E15 2GW

Queen of Hoxton pancakes

If meta-dining is your kind of thing, Queen of Hoxton is the place to be this Shrove Tuesday as you can enjoy red velvet pancakes in their red velvet, Moulin Rouge-inspired wigwam. Hell, you can even wear red velvet if you want. Their buttermilk pancakes will be available on the ground floor with a build-your-own-toppings station to pimp your pancakes any which way you desire. Then warm up around their fire pit with a hot buttered rum, mulled port, Absinthe sharing fountain or spiked hot chocolate (or all of the above if you have no intention of being in work the next day).
When? Tuesday 5 March, 2019
Where? Queen of Hoxton, 1 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3JX

Ask For Janice

Ask For Janice has devised a super-diverse pancake menu to mark Shrove Tuesday this year. With sweet and savoury options, the menu includes dosas with scrambled tofu and pickled onion; Brixham crab, chilli, lime and corianda with brown crab mayo; and Buttermilk pancakes with whipped ricotta, blood orange and pomegranate. Grab a window seat under the leafy canopy of hanging pot plants and watch the bustle of Smithfield Market go by, while tucking into a stack of pancakes. Open from 7.30am for stacks of pancakes, the special menu will be available throughout the day until they’ve all been eaten!
When? Open from 7.30am-12am on Tuesday 5th March
Where? 50-52 Long Lane, City Of London, London EC1A 9EJ

Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

Try something a little different with the Soba Pancakes (£10) at Nobu Shoreditch. Made with Japanese buckwheat and topped with maple syrup, blueberry yuzu compote, miso pecan butter and crème Chantilly, drawing inspiration from the American breakfast classic but adding a unique Nobu-style twist.
Where? Nobu Shoreditch, 10-50 Willow Street, London EC2A 4BH
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