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Oktoberfest, Royal Wharf

Oktoberfest would not be the same without beer and bratwurst. Thankfully, Royal Wharf (Ballymore and Oxley’s new riverside neighbourhood at Royal Docks) will have plentiful of both at their British twist on the Bavarian festival. Forget wine and cheese pairing, this event will team up a selection of locally brewed Fuller’s beers with unique German dishes. Think Fuller’s London Pride with baked camembert and redcurrant jam, Frontier with mustard-covered bratwurst and Black Cab Stout with traditional caramelised onion and bacon Spaetzle. What better introduction to the subtleties of Fuller’s beers, which will be on sale in their new pub, known as The Windjammer, from Spring 2019.

When? 11th-12th October, 6.30-9.30pm
Where? Royal Wharf Marketing Suite, Royal Crest Avenue, London E16 2RN

Tickets here: £35 per person, 18+ only

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