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This all-day restaurant is deserving of the hype. Its location is in a former linoleum and carpet warehouse, and the vast, minimalistic space pays homage to its industrial East London heritage with an original brown glazed floor and 12-foot-high double doors – once the warehouse entrance. Its culinary credentials are impressive too: Richard Falk, formerly head chef at Clapham’s much-loved The Dairy, will be taking the helm. His low-waste, from-scratch approach will see him making most things in-house – from the cocktails to the charcuterie. Expect shelves lined with craft spirits and homemade ferments, with many woven into the menu. And – with the likes of Sauerkraut and Montgomery Cheddar croquettes, and Belted Galloway wing rib of beef, with oxtail and potato tart (to share) on the menu – it’s definitely a hot spot for any East London foodie.

90 Bartholomew Close, EC1A 7BN

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