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Best Curry Restaurant and Takeaway in East London

Grand Trunk Road

Next time that insatiable craving for a curry hits, make Grand Trunk Road your first port of call. The South Woodford restaurant was recently awarded the title of ‘Best Restaurant and Takeaway in East London’ at this year’s Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Awards (ARTA) ceremony.

Head Chef at Grand Trunk Road, Dayashankar Sharma, has spent a lifetime adopting traditional Indian practices in food preparation and cooking. In an age of diets and substitutes to aid weight-loss and healthy hearts, Chef Sharma is setting the record straight by adhering to time-honoured recipes dating back to the Royal Era of Hindu & Mugual Kingdoms for more than one hundred years.
Using little or no dairy, a rarity in contemporary Indian cooking, Chef Sharma employs oil-based marinations, no artificial tenderisers and a host of spices that subscribe to healthy eating; including Boneless walsh lamb flavoured with cinnamon; a digestion aid and anti-bacterial, Chicken supreme kebab with Cardamom, known to ease heartburn and depression and a Rose petal & avocado ice cream, flavoured with lavender and wildberry kheer, revered for their soothing qualities.

Two years ago, the restaurant’s owner and head chef travelled to India to spend a month journeying 1600 miles along one of South Asia’s oldest and longest roads, the Grand Trunk Road. This trip inspired some of the restaurant’s top dishes that go beyond the realms of your usual takeaway menu, with main courses including stuffed baby squid. Pass us a poppadom.

Grand Trunk Road
219 High Road, London, E18 2PB
0208 505 1965



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