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Unforsaken, Exhibition at The Book Club

If Marie Kondo’s throw-away movement freaks you out, then ‘Unforsaken’, a new exhibition by Jimmy Turrell and Richard Turley, is one for you. Unforsaken aims to find true beauty in forgotten or discarded old objects. The exhibition was developed after Jimmy bought a job lot of artefacts on Ebay after their owner had a loft clear-out. For £150, Jimmy acquired over 1000 objects ranging from obscure boardgames and figurines to skiing manuals from the 1920s. Jimmy worked with Richard Turley to bring a new lease of life to the ephemera by drawing, painting, screenprinting and collaging with it. Find the results from February-May at The Book Club in this exciting new exhibition, curated by Liat Chen and Algy Batten.

When? 21 February – 16 May 2019
Where? The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RH
Tickets: thebookclub.eventcube

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