Rooftop Film Club returns to Stratford this summer

Rooftop Film Club, Stratford is back with their must-see movies to watch under the stars

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Films that aren’t streamed from Netflix, a rooftop view and live music all firmly make the list of ‘things we’ve missed this year’. Lucky for us in the East, the Rooftop Film Club will be bringing us all of the above at Roof East in Stratford from 18 May.

Returning to mark a decade of the Rooftop Film Club, you can expect a jam-packed lineup of classic and must-see movies to watch under the stars, exclusive events and ten actual parties, all complete with cake, party bags, live entertainment and epic prizes. 

Roof East, Stratford Film Listings

Tues 18 May – The Great Gatsby

Weds 19 May – Billie Eilish: The World Is A Little Blurry

Thurs 20 May – The Breakfast Club

Fri 21 May 21 – Notting Hill

Sat 22 May – Fight Club

Sun 23 May – The Princess Bride

Tues 25 May – Girls Trip

Weds 26 May – Bridesmaids

Thurs 27 May – Dirty Dancing

Fri 28 May – Friday

Sat 29 May – Jurassic Park

Sun 30 May – Moulin Rouge!                      

Mon 31 May – Pretty Woman

Tues 1 June – Grease

Weds 2 Jun – Save The Last Dance

Thurs 3 June – The Big Lebowski

Fri 4 June – Friday The 13th

Sat 5 June – Romeo + Juliet

Sun 6 June – Love Jones

Mon 7 June – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Tues 8 June – The Greatest Showman

Weds 9 June – 10 Things I Hate About You

Thurs 10 June – Mean Girls

Fri 11 June – American Psycho

Sat 12 June – Spice World

Sun 13 June – 500 Days of Summer

The Rooftop Film Club will also be hosted in the Bussey Building in Peckham this summer.
For more information about what’s on and purchasing tickets at both venues, head to

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