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Lost and Found showing at Genesis Cinema, Mile End Road

Lost and Found

The lost and found desks at train stations give a fascinating and unique insight into commuters’ lives. Admittedly in London, that insight is largely that we have a flagrant disregard for our umbrellas and smartphones. Ireland’s train stations, however, seem to be more revealing. A new film, Lost and Found, written, produced, directed by and starring Liam O Mochain proves just that. Coming to the Genesis, Mile End on October 23rd for a gala screening and Q&A, the film explores seven interconnecting stories set in and around the lost and found office of an Irish train station. Each story is based upon true events involving O Mochain or his family and friends. The film was created in seven segments, filmed in three-to-four day bursts over five years from 2011-2016, culminating in what looks set to be an entertaining and poignant tale of items lost and treasures found, lost friends and love found.

When? October 23rd 2018
Where? Genesis Cinema, Mile End Rd, E1 4UJ
Trailer here

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