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LDN Block Party – Beer Flew through the Air


An ambience of calm filled the air on arrival at LDN Block Party. Upcoming saxophonist Laura Misch looped her live performance to create depth and texture to her solo act. As people huddled beneath the beer tent, we gravitated towards some others mingling beside a hipster caravan. Here a T-shirt printing workshop was drawing in those wanting a creative souvenir of the event. The hands-on activity involved dragging a squeegee across a blank canvas to leave you with an attractive printed T-shirt as memorabilia of the occasion. This charitable, donation-based cause was raising funds for Drake Music, where money raised supports projects working with disabled young people to help them interact with music making.

As we ventured indoors we happened upon the Hop Terrace, a barn area with hanging plants draping from the rooftops. On tap, a selection of newcomers to our shores could be sampled for tasting. A favourite of mine was the 7.1% Fog Bowl, a beer that was delicate on the palette. Another popular choice was the 7.2% Old Man Grumpy which had citrus notes. With a warm feeling on the inside we went in search of food. For vegan options Born and Raised’s vegan mozzarella sourdough pizza was light and delicious, with a herby topping. It was absolutely necessary to try the Harley Dogs smoked meat. The filled-to-the-brim brioche bun spilled over with pulled pork, served with crispy fries.

To top off the night The Vaccines played the Oval Space venue. With an engaging front man this heightened the buzz amongst the mosh pit of fans. Beer flew through the air as the crowd jumped to the beat, music pumped and emotions soared. Goose Island brewery definitely know how to put on a good party, no matter what the weather.

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