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Jazz Festival at Hackney Arts Centre

EFG London Jazz Festival
Hackney Arts Centre
24th November 2018 – 7.30pm

2018 may well be the year that a new generation of jazz artists cross a threshold to become some of the most important musicians of their generation. The EFG London Jazz Festival brings together two of these seminal artists who have emerged from the thriving jazz scenes of Chicago and London in recent years: Makaya McCraven and Nubya Garcia. Harking from the Chicago jazz scene, drummer and ‘beat scientist’ Makaya’s genre-bending compositions draw from hip-hop, indie rock, African dance and Hungarian folk collabs, while British saxophonist Nubya is pioneering a new wave of British afro-tinged jazz. The show will be hosted by the ground-breaking new Hackney Arts Centre venue, a converted Turkish ballroom and cinema in an area of London that has become one of the homes of jazz revival.


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