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Focus Kazakhstan

You’ll find a new exhibition featuring 32 Kazakh artists at Wapping Power Station. Focus Kazakhstan: Post-nomadic Mind forms a series of dialogues between modern and contemporary Kazakh artists. The exhibition draws upon numerous influences: nomadic and shamanistic, the imposition of the Soviet Union on western fine art tradition, the post-Soviet move away from customary methods and the current revival of culture that was once suppressed. Utilising painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video, the exhibition will feature, amongst others, Almagul Menlibayeva’s video work Butterflies of Aisha-Bibi and Yerbossyn Meldibekov’s Communism Peak. In Butterflies of Aisha-Bibi, Menlibayeva stages and films complex mythological narratives, referring to her own nomadic heritage and the Shamanistic traditions of Central Asian cultures. Meldibekov’s Communism Peak examines the political implications of the re-naming of a mountain peak in the Pamir range in Central Asia, which had its name changed six times in the last 130 years. Asel Kadyrkhanova’s thought provoking piece Machine commemorates the millions of nameless victims of the Great Purge in the USSR in the 1930s. The work displays thousands of arrest warrants with erased data, which draws into question the role of individual participation in collective violence.

When? 19th September – 16th October
Where? Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, 37 Wapping Wall, St Katherine’s and Wapping, London E1W 3SG

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