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Desk Design for Live-work Spaces from Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design

CASS Joined + Jointed

Two new artists have joined the Joined + Jointed roster this autumn. Samuel Chan, the founder of the brand – a collective of designers and artisans who collaborate to make original pieces of furniture – discovered the two designers when launching his new initiative J+J Generations, which supports young design graduates in taking their first steps into the industry.

J+J Generations launched in the spring of 2018 when Samuel Chan returned to his first alma mater, The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, and set final year students a competition to design a desk for live-work spaces. The works had to reflect the need for flexible pieces of furniture in smaller homes. The winning design, ‘Slide’ by Moe Redish, was chosen for its restrained and well-considered design and, ultimately, its simplicity. It has now been developed under his guidance, produced in the Joined + Jointed workshop, and marketed as part of the J+J collection. ‘Orbit’, a design by Barnaby Lewis, was another standout of the 30 submissions and Samuel has worked closely with the graduate to develop the concept, which is now also part of the collection.



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