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At Your Beat Dance Classes are coming to East London

At Your Beat dance classes, popular with influencer-types across the UK and US, are coming to East London. Branded as ‘a workout that feels like a party’, this beat-based dance class is hosting a free open day on Saturday 5th January to offer a taster of the diverse classes they offer. All abilities are welcome; the focus is on finding your inner beat:

1-2pm StrutBEAT: Strut your stuff to empowering, seductive rhythms. These sassy routines are designed to give you an uplifting confidence boost – heels are even welcome (though as we struggle to retain our balance in flat shoes on hard ground, ours will probably be staying at home.)

2-3pm FitBEAT: This ‘sober rave’ is an hour-long, calorie-burning endorphin rush to boost your fitness while dancing to a series of sequences in a darkened room with colourful lights and 360 visuals.

3-4pm VideoBEAT: Let’s face it, at some point in our life we’ve all given a show-stopping performance to the bathroom mirror and wondered how we’ve never been scouted for a music video. This class offers a glimpse into the world of professional dancers, breaking down music video-style choreography so that you can learn iconic dance moves to well-loved pop songs.

4-5pm Peaches & Scream: This workout class uses mats and resistance bands to tone the bum and abs, leaving you feeling properly peachy.

5-6pm LyricalBEAT: Find a deeper connection to music with free movement and expression. It’s a cathartic way to utilise your raw emotions.

When? Saturday 5th January 1pm-6pm
Where? POPFIT, 16 Sidworth Street, E8 3SD



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