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Canary Wharf American Airlines and British Airways On-board Premium Experience

We’d always assumed that the Myers-Brigg test was the most legit way of determining your personality type, but a unique two-day experience is coming to Canary Wharf to delve into the depths of your psyche. In a free event created by American Airlines and British Airways, consumers will have the opportunity to experience premium air travel without leaving the ground. The transatlantic travel taster offers a range of luxury treats and even the opportunity to win business class flights to iconic destinations in the U S of A. After navigating through four unique zones, guests can find out their flying persona, whether a Go Getter, Dreamer, Escapist or Connoisseur.

When? 19th-20th September (11am-7pm; 7am-7pm)
Where? Jubilee Plaza, outside Canary Wharf station

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