Visit Lauderdale x London Art Swap

When I think of Florida, retirement, in-line skating and spring break are the first things that come to mind. Not necessarily graffiti and cultural exchange. That’s exactly what happened when the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau launched the ‘Visit Lauderdale x London Art Swap’. For this collaboration, London’s renowned street artists Graffiti Kings have teamed up with Fort Lauderdale’s local street art legend Ruben Ubiera to visit the city’s sights and sounds, including the creative hubbub FatVillage. Inspired by their experiences during their tour, Graffiti Kings created a mural on Great Eastern Street encapsulating their impression during the trip – you’ll find vibrant artwork from girls to gators, beaches and boats.

If you happen to walk by, make sure you take a snap for your social media using #LauderdaleLondonArtSwap and tag it with @VisitLauderdale. To celebrate the exchange even more, the campaign partnered up with Trailblazers to offer a prize – and you guessed it, it’s a trip to Fort Lauderdale!

To enter the competition go to If you’re a lucky, you get to experience the sights the Graffitis Kings have visited, including Floribbean cuisine and the art scene. If you love the buzz of Brick Lane combined with beach and palm trees, Fort Lauderdale’s might be just the place for you. AM

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