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Last Day – Art and Writing Exhibition at Estate Agency in Dalston

Estate agents, as a trusted profession, sit somewhere among the ranks of lawyers and tabloid journalists. When you need a thesaurus just to break through the jargon sufficiently to converse with them, the idea of spending time in their company when you aren’t desperately house hunting may not be overwhelmingly appealing. Unreal Estates, a group exhibition of newly commissioned painting and writing, held in a working Dalston estate agency may just change your mind.

Curated by Amanda Lwin, a local artist, the exhibition features the work of six London-based painters working together with a fiction writer. Inspired by specific listed properties in the estate agency, each pair is using paintings and a short text to create an interpretation, story or narrative about the houses. Together, these make up Unreal Estates, work which loosely resembles property marketing material.

The exhibition provides a nuanced commentary on the trend of property as an investment, rather than a place in which lives are lived. It explores how houses are spaces with imbued personal worth, rather than just monetary value. Instead of offering an overt critique of the profiteers of the housing crisis, the exhibition highlights how the problem is a systemic one in which we are all complicit in the commodification of property.

When? 13th September – 13th October
9am-6.30pm Monday – Friday
10am-4pm –  Saturday

Where? Homefinders Estate Agents,
146 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2NS

(An Unreal Estates agent will be present 12pm-4pm Saturday or by appointment through: [email protected])

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