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A Star is Born at Genesis Cinema, Mile End Road

Friday 5 October

A Star is Born

Unlike the recent M.I.A. documentary, this starry feature treads very familiar territory, as it tracks a drug-addled rocker (played by Bradley Cooper) who mentors a young aspiring singer (Lady Gaga) to superstardom. The story may be as old as the hills (it’s been made three times before), but Cooper pitches in a note-perfect performance in this, his directorial debut. There’s no cameo from its 1970s star Babs (Streisand), but nevermind. Gaga is very good as the Italian-American suburban girl who cracks the big time, while having to make some difficult sacrifices along the way. It’s a cautionary tale of fame, with an impressive soundtrack that’s authentic and engaging. The odd blimp aside, it pulls off what it sets out to achieve. There’s even Oscars chatter growing for awards season.
Genesis Cinema
93-95 Mile End Road, London E1 4UJ
0207 780 2000


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